Income Clock - Watch Your Earnings add up in realtime

Since: 07.04.2015 Device: iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch

#New with Apple Watch feature!
#With iOS 8 Today Widget

You have used clocks till today perhaps only for synchronizing time; here in the app Income Clock, you will get to use the clock for measuring your income in a different way. This is a simple-to-use utility app that helps you in watching your earning by simple calculations.
The app opens with a simple user interface, where you have put a few data in order to track your income potential.
• How much income: here you can put your income monthly, hourly or yearly basis, and this will help you to evaluate your income potential at daily basis.
• You can use different currencies like (USD) $, (Euro) €, and (GBP) £.Regardless your global position, you can use this finance calculating app.
• You (the user) can use the widget center in a customized way: you can set your personal income clock as the widget.

This is a great way to understand if you are earning at par market standard or you need to take extra initiative to increase your income and to impose complete money control. This is a meticulous way to plan your finance in a hassle-free way.
Once you will download the app, you can use it unlimited for calculation of the strength of your present financial credential. It is an ad- Free version of iOS app.
You can purchase the app Income Clock with onetime fee of 1.99 USD: however, it’s worth purchase because this simple app will help you to track your income potential from your iPhone only any time you want at your fingertips. Your money control will be always at par and you will be able to estimate yourself if your money earning potential needs extra boost.
Use the app Income clock for tracking your finance, purchase it today: watch how your earnings add up in real-time.

setFollower - Make you Famous on Instagram - Get Follower - Get Likes

Since: 18.03.2015 Device: iPhone/iPad

Do you love taking snap of your favorite moments? Do you love sharing viral videos? Do you regularly at Instagram to enjoy this new way to see and enjoy the world? Do you love to have more followers for your Instagram account? If answer to all these questions is yes, then you will surely find the iOS app SetFollower extremely interesting! By using this app you can make your profile famous on Instagram: you will manage to get hundreds of followers as well as you will get hundreds of exclusive likes.
This free iOS app is a wonderful way to promote your profile on Instagram and endorse your favorite snaps already you have shared on this globally famous social site. By using this app you will get followers for Instagram that will help you in getting more followers and ultimately will help you to become an Instagram superstar. The entire process is a pure fun to discover new and stimulating users to follow.

This is the simplest and easiest way to get famous by using your Instagram profile. You need to follow other SetFollower users to earn coins. Once you accumulate coins you can employ them to get followers on your profile (10 coins = 1 follow).

It will take few minutes time to get the app downloaded on your mobile: it is light weight, so it will not occupy in major space in your phone’s memory card. Check its exclusive features before you start using it on your iOS:
• Brilliantly designed and user friendly user interface,
• The app will offer you immaculate privilege to get followers at Instagram; simple and cost effective way to be famous on social networking site.
• With this app you will get multiple likes at Instagram,
• You will be getting free coins, which you can use to get more followers.
• This free iOS app does not impose any restraint on the number of followers you can get unless some sort of limitation is applied by Instagram admin.
• SetFollower for Instagram will never follow a profile for you without your consent.

You will require iOS 7.1 or later version to play the app with all its functionality. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It is a free app with IAP.

42 Percentage Calculator

Since: 26.11.2014 Device: iPhone/iPad

Do you have problems to calculate fast the percentage of other thinks, like money, proportion and other?
Than we have the answer ->
"42 Percentage Calculator"
42 the answer for all!

Calculate fast thinks like:
1. % of number
2. % changed
3. a is b% of
4. % of a part value
5. Increase by %
6. Decrease by %
7. After % deducted
8. After % added
9. Fraction to %

another functions will come, for any ideas Im really open.

Be quick and smart - 4 Color!

Since: 09.10.2014 Device: iPhone/iPad

Be quick and smart
* Choice the correct color

Make you brain faster, be logical

And be the best :)

Thanks for so much downloads, and I need to say sorry for the GameCenter bug!

Smashy Dot

Since: 12.08.2014 Device: iPhone

Let the little dot smash! Don't touch the lines!

How often can you make it?

Flying Dot

Since: 10.05.2014 Device: iPhone

Tap and the dot will fly high.

How much meters you wil get?

- Gamecenter highscore
- Multi level system
- random squares
- Ad free
- Privacy link ingame
- social share [Twitter, Facebook]

Catch Pixel

Since: 09.04.2014 Device: iPhone

Try to get all the pixel on the way.
You need to click up and down to get to the best.

Please feel free for a good rating ;).