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You have used clocks till today perhaps only for synchronizing time; here in the app Income Clock, you will get to use the clock for measuring your income in a different way. This is a simple-to-use utility app that helps you in watching your earning by simple calculations.
The app opens with a simple user interface, where you have put a few data in order to track your income potential.
• How much income: here you can put your income monthly, hourly or yearly basis, and this will help you to evaluate your income potential at daily basis.
• You can use different currencies like (USD) $, (Euro) €, and (GBP) £.Regardless your global position, you can use this finance calculating app.
• You (the user) can use the widget center in a customized way: you can set your personal income clock as the widget.

This is a great way to understand if you are earning at par market standard or you need to take extra initiative to increase your income and to impose complete money control. This is a meticulous way to plan your finance in a hassle-free way.
Once you will download the app, you can use it unlimited for calculation of the strength of your present financial credential. It is an ad- Free version of iOS app.
You can purchase the app Income Clock with onetime fee of 1.99 USD: however, it’s worth purchase because this simple app will help you to track your income potential from your iPhone only any time you want at your fingertips. Your money control will be always at par and you will be able to estimate yourself if your money earning potential needs extra boost.
Use the app Income clock for tracking your finance, purchase it today: watch how your earnings add up in real-time.